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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

What is this one thing that you should master in having a business? It is to know “How to effectively sell”. Let’s say your business is like a car, which needs gas and engine to run. The gas represents the inquiries you receive every day while the engine serves as the selling skill in your business. If your engine is not working properly, the gas is useless and therefore you won’t get to your destination. The same goes for your business. If you’re receiving hundreds of inquiries a week but don’t know how to make these as paying customers, it’s useless.


So what can you do? Here are 3 tips in making that inquiry a sure sell:


  1. The entire communication is not about you but about the customer. Know what their needs are that you can fulfill? 

Remember that if you don’t put them first, you won’t win. Most of the chefs today have their Facebook and website information be all about them, but in reality, nobody cares!


  1. Whenever you are selling somebody something, you have to be in control of the conversation.

Start understanding that you are guiding them in booking your services and this takes you to have to be in control. You can’t let them drive the conversation. Guide them. Stir the ship, they’ll trust you if you do this and more likely that they’ll book and hire you. 


  1. You have to talk to somebody either over the phone or in person. 

This part is lost nowadays. Many opted for the use of online applications to book them and make everything automated. Being on a personal level because this word is in our job description as a “Personal Chef”.


I use these 3 selling techniques in my own Personal Chef Business and have a 94.6% closed rate of booked inquiries. This technique is also what I teach in my step by step Masterclass Program. A more depth discussion and additional selling techniques were also discussed at the class. 


If you apply these 3 techniques, I can guarantee an increase in your bookings 50% or more.



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