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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

I started my personal chef business, Dinner with a Chef, 3 yrs ago. And right then, I knew that this was going be the future for chefs and cooks who wanted to start a business without the crazy overhead.


The usual norm in the culinary industry is that if you want to be successful, you need to pay your dues and the work really comes with different stresses which makes it challenging to enjoy your work and passion. That is why I pushed on this movement to help and inspire other cooks and chefs in building their own personal chef business.


If we focus our passion and energy on doing something that we love and actually putting it up as a business such as this one, you’ll be amazed at the things that you can accomplish. There’s freedom in having a business but it is still not easy. It needs some hard work! 


The first 45 days during this pandemic, to be honest, it did hit my business hard. I got around $4-5K worth of refunds from cancellations. But soon after that, more clients wanted to still have that intimate and safe celebration for their birthdays, anniversaries, and to share that experience with their loved ones. People now more than ever want to experience a good dining experience. 


I am encouraging you to at least try and make little steps towards this opportunity! Now is the best time for being a personal chef! The clients have little choice but to use us, but I also encourage you to take this leap and make this happen. Do small steps such as researching or you can listen to some of my podcasts as a starter or just by joining my free Facebook for like-minded chefs!




You can join and register for our 14-Day Personal Chef program at Whether you want to start an actual business or just want to make some extra money part-time as a side gig we can help you find your first or next client in 14 days or less! 

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Also...make sure you join The Chefpreneur Movement Facebook Group to be part of the discussion at and this is a good start in surrounding yourself with the right people in starting the business and interact with like-minded chefs who are on a mission to break free from their kitchen job and build their own empire! 


And if you’ve decided to take the leap and take your personal chef business seriously, then we invite you to Enroll in the Masterclass Online Program, just head to From there, you will be guided through the process of how to be a successful personal chef! 




We are motivating, educating, and inspiring chefs to take a stand for their Personal Freedom by breaking the Chains of a Kitchen Job and building their own Personal Chef Business.


The future is yours… put it into your own hands!