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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Jul 17, 2019

Why Many of You Won’t Make it in the Personal Chef Business


Chef Andres begins this podcast episode by answering a question from one of the members of The Chefpreneur Movement Facebook Group, Angela. The question is:


“Can a Personal Chef Service compete with boxed meal services such as Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, etc?”


A Personal Chef Business is way different from Boxed meal services. The difference is with time. I had clients in my personal chef business who tried the boxed meal service and for them, the difference and probably the downfall for this business is that the clients still have to cook or re-heat the foods which require effort. Aside from this, it creates tons of waste due to the packaging materials and in the end, the consumers may feel environmental guilt. Wherein a Personal Chef Business, all the client has to do is to sit back, relax and wait for the food to served to them; which saves them time, effort, and provides more options for meal choices and decisions.


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So, why many of you won’t make it in the Personal Chef Business? The answer is simple: It’s because you truly believe you can’t make it! Simply put, this is due to lack of confidence, lack of experience, and too much insecurity.


Another explanation may be that probably you’re thinking that starting up a Personal Chef Business costs a lot of money. We’ve discussed this on a past podcast episode that you can start the business with just $500 or less which covers the necessary permits and insurance. 

Second, one may also think you don’t have enough experience and probably due tolack of confidence with your dishes.


BUT, if you are passionate about food, cooking and you deliver a good service, you can be successful in this business! Remember, food is only 30% of the services but you NEED to be able to solve your clients' problems


The solution is simple: build your confidence so you can over deliver to your clients! You can build your confidence up by:

  1. Start! Get your head in the game and start somewhere. This can be done by attending trainings and investing into yourself.
  2. Find people who will guide you. Surround yourself with mentors and like minded people. Follow people who have done this, those who have failed, and those who are now successful. These people have done it all and will show you their mistakes, so you don't make the same ones! It's the easiest and fastest way to learn the business.


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