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The Chefpreneur Show

Nov 5, 2019

So, let’s discuss why are you charging so little for your services. Some might probably say that this is about confidence issues. That they are not yet confident in charging higher because they are still starting out and testing the water. 


Simply put, it is natural when starting up a business. People tend to be shy and undersell their services just for the sake to have a sale. BUT, we need to understand what is at stake and sacrificed by doing that.


When you start a business and you undercharge, the tendency is that you won’t perform well and in return, your clients won’t get the experience that they would have wanted. Whereas, if you charge higher, your instinct is that “my client will be paying this much and therefore, I should perform well. I will show up on time. I will pay more attention to the food and to the details of the service”. 


See the difference? You will be driven more because you will get paid more and in return, your clients will get awesome service and you will then get a lasting impression. Definitely a win-win, right?




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