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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Dec 18, 2020

Advertising is a tricky part of having a Personal Chef Business. There have been many times I've seen this question asked within our movement group. These days, maximizing the internet is the best way to do it, especially during a time such as this in 2020 when everyone is home more often than they're out.

But in order to find clients, you will need to find leads first. You can do this organically by going on social media which varies from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Other platforms could also be Yelp and Thumbtack as these help your business get more exposure in the market. But none of these guarantees you leads since everything still depends on the right messaging and processes you have to turn those leads into paying clients.
Paid ads such as Google Adwords is another strategy. But this requires strategic content with the right messaging since you don’t want to waste the money you’re investing for ads.


The best strategy that I can guarantee good results is by doing strategic partnerships! This is what I teach to my students and what I use with my own personal chef business as well! You can never go wrong with this strategy as this is the fastest and easiest way in getting quality leads.


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