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The Chefpreneur Show

Mar 30, 2021

This pandemic really hit us hard... On our jobs, our families, and even our mental health. But what I believe this pandemic has also done is made us see an opportunity to take action.


As a Chefpreneur, I see opportunities everywhere. I'm not waiting for something to happen in order for me to see the opportunity. Sadly, most of us get comfortable doing mundane sequences in our lives. Why? Because of a false mindset. We limit ourselves with the possibilities of what we can do.


I believe that God has a purpose for every single person listening to this podcast. It does take hard work. It takes a lot of effort. But that's the second part of it. That's the action-taking part, which again, I've talked about on my podcast as well. Many of us don't want to take action. And if you want to go back and listen to the podcast, where I teach you:

“The way that you think dictates what you believe in. What you believe dictates what you take action on. You're never gonna take action on something you really don't believe in.”


I want you to start to see that there's so much opportunity around you. Don’t let this pandemic stop you or, don’t let another pandemic or tragedy make you realize the opportunities around you. Take that leap of faith for your chance of financial freedom and being your own boss!


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