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The Chefpreneur Podcast

May 1, 2019

Thanks for tuning in! This weeks podcast episode starts off with a question from Natasha of the Chepreneur Movement Facebook Group. Her question was:


“I was asked to cater a retreat’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What is the best way to charge it?”


The idea of pricing has been a question that is common not only with personal chefs, but to all business owners. Three-pointers that I can give to you is that first: Pass the grocery cost to the clients because it is really hard to quote a price as the market cost fluxuates. Second: it is okay to charge a daily rate based on how many people you are going to serve. Charge a flat rate for your services plus the groceries. And lastly third: the service cost you tell your client should include the cost for additional help, such as your assistant or another chef and waiter. You do not want to give your client an option to choose a cost with or without help. It would also be a good upsell when you tell your client that “yes, it’s me and my assistant” or “it's me and my chef” because it gives the client assurance that you will get the job done.


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In a Personal Chef Business, there are three stages in the selling process. First is Messaging which plays an important role on your website to attract clients. It is important to know the right messaging that you should put on your website. Second is having a good procedure, system, and interface on your website for the clients to easily navigate and make a transaction with you. This is an important piece in your Personal Chef Business. Remember, sure buys are better than having many website visitors but no sells. Lastly, having a good selling process. This is where the client actually buys your services. Your target here is not being pushy BUT assuring your clients that what you offer to them can make their lives better or else, easier. Lose the perception that selling is bad. It is important that you believe in your product, which is your service so that you can sincerely deliver that to your clients. Remember to give your clients an awesome journey of doing business with you.


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