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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Nov 21, 2018

Chef Andres starts out his podcast this week by discussing the poll he posted in the FaceBook group last week. His poll asked what group members thought his largest tip was. The amount is $2,500!!! In addition to what Chef Andres charged for a 3-day event, he was given a personal $2,500 tip! He found this client through a referral and this has been one of the best clients he has ever had and he continues to cook for them on a regular basis. In this business, tips are very common. They won’t always be $2,500, but a tip of $150 or more is pretty typical per event.

This week’s topic is Servitude. Simply put, servitude is doing things for other people, going out of your way, and putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own and doing it for the right reasons. It’s not for the praise or gratuity but it is because you want to serve someone with a servant’s heart. It can also be putting yourself into some else’s shoes. This is something that many people fall short of … they have a difficult time putting themselves into someone else’s shoes. There are 3 core values in the Chefpreneur program and servitude is one of them. In the program, Chef Andres spends a considerable amount of time teaching that it is not just about the food. Clients look at the full experience and servitude is one of those things that your clients will be forever grateful for!

Chef Andres shares a customer service situation he endured at a local grocery store. It is one of the craziest stories, but you will need to listen to the podcast to hear it … It’s a great real-life customer service story.

Stay tuned each week as Chef Andres guides listeners through the process of becoming personal chefs. The Chefpreneur FaceBook Group was created to give you the support you need to follow your dreams. It won’t be easy (It can be overwhelming at times), but it will be well worth it. Chef Andres is hard at work perfecting the Chefpreneur program so that you will have all the tools you need to get started at your fingertips. The program is coming soon, but in the meantime, work on naming your business, getting licensed, and all the other items discussed in the Chefpreneur e-book.

We are motivating, educating, and inspiring chefs to take a leap of faith, start their own business, and create experiences they want to create with nothing holding them back!

We talk all things Chefpreneur. Guests include clients, chefs, attorneys, farmers … whoever can inspire you to think about the industry differently.

The future is yours … put it into your own hands!

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