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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Dec 5, 2018

Welcome back! We took the week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but we are back with another great episode.

Chef Andres began his podcast this week with his Q&A segment. Angela asks: “How much should I spend on a logo?” Chef Andres recommends keeping your logo cost under $100 and keeping it simple. Think about Nike and McDonald’s and what those logos have in common … simplicity. Don’t get too caught up in it and don’t spend a whole lot of money on this part of building your business.

On this week’s podcast, Chef Andres talks about MONEY. Many people have a misconception that money is evil and many people feel guilty for wanting more money or wanting to get more things. Chef Andres uses money as a tool. For example, he uses it to help others. He used an analogy today about putting a fire out with water. You can use water to put out the fire on a burning building, but water can also be used to drown someone. Is water evil? … No.

Chef Andres recommends a book called The 10 Commandments of Making Money by Rabbi Lapin. Rabbi Lapin says that Money is nothing but a measure of how well you can serve another human being. Think about the heart and the intent of how you plan on using the money. Move forward with no guilt and be generous! If you were the last person on earth would you be the richest person on earth or the poorest person on earth? Listen to the podcast to find out how Chef Andres answers this question concerning value, contentment, and service.

Stay tuned each week as Chef Andres guides listeners through the process of becoming personal chefs. The Chefpreneur FaceBook Group was created to give you the support you need to follow your dreams. It won’t be easy (It can be overwhelming at times), but it will be well worth it. Chef Andres is hard at work perfecting the Chefpreneur program so that you will have all the tools you need to get started at your fingertips. The program is coming soon, but in the meantime, work on naming your business, getting licensed, and all the other items discussed in the Chefpreneur e-book.

We are motivating, educating, and inspiring chefs to take a leap of faith, start their own business, and create experiences they want to create with nothing holding them back!

We talk all things Chefpreneur. Guests include clients, chefs, attorneys, farmers … whoever can inspire you to think about the industry differently.

The future is yours … put it into your own hands!

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