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The Chefpreneur Show

Sep 26, 2018

On Episode 6 of the Chefpreneur podcast, Chef Andres discusses personal growth. Personal challenges and goals are great but Chef Andres talks about expanding the vessel of who you are by opening yourself up. Imagine yourself as a vessel. You are limited as to what you can put in that vessel. But, how can you expand your vessel so that it is larger? You can learn to push yourself, but you can also build your maturity level knowing that the only person you need to prove yourself to is YOU. Take advice from those who are in a position to help you grow personally and garner the maturity to overcome those challenges and expand beyond your vessel. Be truthful and look at your situation to determine your next move.

Find out more about personal growth by listening to this week’s podcast. Learn how you can overcome some of the many challenges that may stand between you and your desire to move forward with expanding beyond whatever you have let hold you back. Being an entrepreneur is hard so learn to deal with the struggles, pains, and challenges … gain strength.

We are motivating, educating, and inspiring chefs to take a leap of faith, start their own business, and create experiences they want to create with nothing holding them back!

We talk all things Chefpreneur. Guests include clients, chefs, attorneys, farmers … whoever can inspire you to think about the industry differently.

The future is yours … put it into your own hands!

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