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The Chefpreneur Show

Sep 5, 2018

On this episode of the Chefpreneur podcast, Chef Andres discusses niche. You want to look at the niche and the demographic of the people you will be serving. One of the biggest mistakes Chef Andres made in the beginning was that he was trying to please everyone. He was targeting all customers instead of his niche. It is no secret that people want to connect with a personal chef who understands their unique needs. As you begin to build your brand, you cannot just cook for anyone and everyone … you need to focus on your niche.

You need to build a name for yourself. Your name must be attached to something. Identify what you will be known for so that your customers can understand who you are as a professional chef and what you can specifically offer to them. Do you specialize in vegan foods? Then, that’s your niche. Are you known for Asian cuisine? That’s your niche, and there’s a market for the services you offer. There are so many clients out their looking for something in particular that you do not need to worry about competition from other chefs. Market to those customers who satisfy your niche.

Find out more about determining your niche, targeting the right customers, and putting the industry back in your own hands to build a successful and fulfilling personal chef business in today’s podcast.

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