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The Chefpreneur Podcast

Jul 25, 2019

If you want to start, grow, or run a Personal Chef business of your own, then you’re in the right place. This is where like-minded chefs come to learn, and listen to all the “in’s and out’s” of the Personal Chef Business. This episode starts with a question from one of our Masterclass students, Michelle Hallet, which she posted in our Chefpreneur Facebook Group (click here to join our FREE Facebook group). Michelle said that she would love “to hear a play by play on how I personally do a plated dinner service.”

For a plated dinner service, I usually arrive 3 to 4hours ahead of the scheduled dinner time. It is always good to have more time for the preparation of the dish and services, just in case. I also have either an event head or a server with me when I do plated meals, as they are the ones who help me in preparing the table and the flatware. While doing the setup, I make sure to put the dishes in a plate warmer prior to serving to make sure that the food will arrive to the client warm. I always try to plan and time things out ahead of time. For example, while I am plating the salad, I will start to prepare the entrée. I pace the cooking based completely on my clients. I never want to rush them, since we are catering to them, unlike in the restaurant business.

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 The 3 Softwares that I recommend using for your Personal Chef Business are based on my own experience. Please remember that all managing styles are different and you may need more programs, or different programs dependent on you. 

First, you will need a software to design your menus, website, and general graphics. We want this to be easy to use and budget-friendly so I highly suggest! Canva is extremely affordable, but also comes with free templates and versions to make it simple and user-friendly.

Second, everyone needs a GSuite (by google)! Google has their own cloud, known as the Google Drive, where you can save all your files, access it both from your laptop and mobile phone, and allow others to edit and access from anywhere in the world with wifi. It has Docs (similar to Word), Sheets (similar to Excel), Slides (similar to PowerPoint), and other functions that are similar to Microsoft. The Google Suite is amazing and very affordable too!

Lastly, I recommend either a CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool such as Infusionsoft, or an Invoicing tool such as Quickbooks online. I personally use Infusionsoft! One of my favorite features is that it’s linkable to my website! Whenever there are inquiries, all information will go straight to my Infusionsoft, and I can search the client by their name and attach any necessary documents needed, such as a menu, their food restrictions, allergies, etc. Infusionsoft also has an e-mail marketing feature which I use for my monthly e-mail campaign. The downfall is that it’s pretty robust and expensive. So if you are still a starting business and you think that you still won’t be needing this, a tool for Invoicing will be the best next option. An automated invoicing tool can ease out your financial transactions and will ensure that everything on your business is visible.


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