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The Chefpreneur Show

Aug 6, 2019

Thank you so much for tuning in! This podcast episode starts off with a question from Emily of the Chefpreneur Movement group. Her question is: 


“Does anyone here in the group offer mostly pastry related services such as in-home baking classes or pop-ups?”.


I personally believe that there is a good opportunity with in-home baking classes! Even more so now because of the rise of social media, and that many people love doing and making “DIY” projects. Another idea, aside from doing in-house classes, would be to connect with caterers in your area and create a dessert tasting menu. You can price this on a per head basis, plus the cost of groceries. Another plus for this is that desserts usually has low grocery cost which will make it very attractive to clients. 


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When starting a business, it is important that you first identify your niche, as this will also define the messaging, branding, content, etc that you want to put out there for your future clients. Identifying your niche will narrow the scope, which can lead you to the RIGHT clients. Emphasis on the word “right” because many prospect clients may come and inquire, but the ones who appreciate the service you provide would be the “right” client for you. 


I’ve come across many chefs who are ranting and frustrated with their business, as they keep on doing or serving clients that are not within their niche. Ultimately, they end up losing the business.


Remember that your messaging has to resonate with the clients. Your services should be clear and create an impact on those looking for YOUR services. Your niche is what you are passionate about, so it is important to make it clear on all your platforms (website or social media). Aside from the right messaging, you need to have a sufficient process immediately; this starts with booking up to the event proper. 


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