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Chefpreneur Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

I don’t normally advertise getting large events as a Personal Chef, but a regular client requested to have us for her brother’s birthday. 


Here’s a walk-through on how I did it and what important points you should remember right at the planning stage up to the execution date of the event.


  1. For a large event, it’s important that you have sufficient manpower. Which as for me, we’re 5 in the team. 
  2. In planning the menu, choose a food that you are sure that you can execute in a home setting and execute that on some level. This can be simple food but elevated with the proper technique and taste. If for a small crowd, you can quite experiment with your dishes. But for big events, it’s better that you do simple, non-far fetched foods. 
  3. Set a time sufficient for the preparation. Which as for my team, we prepped for 4-hours which gave us time to prepare everything.
  4. It is the experience that you are selling. Not just the food but everything. That experience of serving them hot and fresh food compared to catering businesses where they just heat up everything. Just the aroma itself of the food is the big plus!
  5. When doing the costing, don’t breakdown the additional costs such as travel and additional staff. Instead, package everything up on a per head basis as this may seem that they got a good deal from you.


The outcome? Overwhelmed and overly happy bride because of the feedback from the guests on how amazing the event was. Just keep everything simple but make a lasting experience to the client and you will definitely go a long way! 




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